Calpeda CS Submersible motors

Calpeda CS motors
Calpeda Motors


The Calpeda 4", 6", 8" and 10" submersible motors are built using advanced technology and components of superior qua-lity that they ensure good mechanical strength and excellent electrical reliability.
The 4" motors have a special food grade dielectric fluid that gives a better lubricant effect, increasing the life of all moving parts and the copper wires.
The 6", 8" e 10" motors are in a water bath with the wire being coated with polyvinyl chloride.
All the Calpeda motors can be rewound and they are NEMA STANDARD.


Operating conditions

Motor 4" 6" 8" 10"
Max. Liquid temperature 30oC 25oC 25oC 25oC
Max. starts per hour 20 15 15 10
Cooling: minimum flow velocity 8 cm/s 16 cm/s 20 cm/s 20 cm/s

Continuous duty.

Operation data

2-pole induction motor, 50 Hz (n = 2900 1/min).
Sized for connection to the pumps according to NEMA Standards.
Standard voltages:

  • single-phase 230 V - up to 2,2 kW for 4" motors. - three-phase 230 V; 400 V for 4" motors.
  • three-phase 400 V; 400/690 V for 6-8-10" motors.

Voltage tolerance : +6% / -10%.
Recommended type of starting for powers from 7.5 kW: star/delta, soft start, impedance starting, autotransformer. Insulation class F for motors, PVC coated wire for 6-8-10" motors.
Protection IP 68.

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